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(current as of July 16, 2007)


Phase relations and thermoelectric properties of alloys in the (Bi2Te3)(Sb2Te3)(Sb2Se3)and (Bi2Te3)(Bi2Se3) systems subjected to hot extusion

O.B.Sokolov, S. Ya. Skipidarov, N.I.Duvankov, G.G.Shabunina, NORD, Moscow, Russia


Thermoelectric Properties of Layered Anisotropic p-type PbSb2Te4 Compound and Peculiarities of its Energy Spectrum

L.Shelimova, M. Zhitinskaya, S. Nemov, T. Svechnikova , P. Konstantinov, E. Avilov,

M. Kretova, V. Zemskov

StatePolitechnicalUniversity, St-Petersburg, Russia

The Multistage Thermoelectric Devices with Inhomogeneous Legs

M.A. Korzhuev, L.D.Ivanova, L.I. Petrova, Yu.V.Granatkina, T.E. Svechnikova

Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Moscow, Russia


The Bismuth and Antimony Halcogenides Solid Solutions Single Crystals with Gradient Carrier Concentration

L.D.Ivanova, L.I.Petrova, Yu.V.Granatkina

Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Moscow, Russia


The Nernst-Ettingshausen, Seebeck and Hall Effects in (Sb1-XBiX)2Te3 Single Crystals

M. K Zhitinskaya, S. A. Nemov, Yu.G.Ispolov, T.E. Svechnikova
StatePolitechnicalUniversity, St-Petersburg , Russia

Effect of mixture and doping on properties of the extruded generating thermoelectric material

BiX Sb1-x Te3-ySey

A. Pustovalov, L. Nebera, N. Rybkin, V. Karataev, V. Osvensky, V. Abrutin, I. Maronchuk

RIE «BIAPOS», Institute of Dynamics of Geospheres RAS, Russia


Study of Thermopower in Bi Nanowires

E.P.Sunyavskii, V.G.Solovenko
Institute of Applied Physics ASM, Chisinau, Moldova

Nano-sizing effects on the thermoelectric properties of n- and p-type conventional materials

V. Kosalathip, S. Migot, B. Lenoir, A. Dauscher

Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Nancy, Nancy cedex, France


Curl Currents Occurrence in Homogeneous Isotropic Thermoelectric Elements

I.A. Drabkin, L.B. Ershova

Institute of Chemical Problems for Microelectronics, Moscow, Russia


High Temperature Measurement of Thermopower

?. Drašar, P. Loš?ák
University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

Microthermocouple Based on Microwires of Bi2TeAlloys

D. Meglei, M. Dantu, A. Rusu
IEEIT ASM, Chisinau, Moldova

Approaches to enhancement thermoelectric performance of lead chalcogenides

N. Popovich, IEEIT ASM, Chisinau, Moldova


Solid Solutions Based on Bismuth and Antimony Chalcogenides above Room Temperature

L.N. Lukyanova, V.A. Kutasov, P.P. Konstantinov

Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute RAS, St.-Petersburg, Russia


Properties of n-type Mg2Si-Mg2Sn solid solutions prepared by hot pressing.

A.U.Samunin, V.K.Zaitsev, M.I.Fedorov, P.P.Konstantinov, G.N.Isachenko

A.F.Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, St.-Petersburg, Russia


Thermoelectric properties of PbTe/Bi heterostructures

E.I. Rogacheva, S. Lyubchenko, Yu.V. Men’shov, P.A. Yanenko, A.V. Meriuts, M. Dresselhaus

NationalTechnicalUniversity “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute”, Kharkov, Ukraine


Concept of the effective mass and minimal thermal conductivity of superlattices

A. Jacquout, Fraunhofer IPM, Freiburg, Germany

Thermopower of thin bismuth wires at 80 K
E. Condrea, A. Nicorici, A.Grozav, A.Todosichiuc

IEEIT ASM, Chisinau, Moldova


Thermoelectric properties of semi conducting compound Zn4Sb3

M.Chitroub, F.Besse, H.Scherrer

Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Nancy, France

Some considerations towards design and optimization of segmented thermoelectric generators

M. Lazard, H. Scherrer

GIP InSIC, Saint Dié, France


Thermoelectric properties of Bi-Te compounds doped with rare earth elements by mechanical alloying

B.S. Kim, J.H. Yang,W.S. Dow, M.W. Oh,  S.D. Park,  H.W. Lee,D.S. Bae

1AMARL Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Sungju-dong Changwon, Korea
Thermoelectric Biogas Dehumidified Controller
N.Maneetien, P.Malasaam
RajamangalaUniversity of Technology, Lanna, Thailand

Electricity generation from industrial waste heat by thermoelectric generator

M.Z.Haque, Islamic Uiversity of Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Thermoelectric peculiarities of uniaxial-strained bismuth wires at high magnetic field

E. Condrea, Jos A A J Perenboom

IEEIT ASM, Chisinau, Moldova


An Experimental Study on the Hot Spot Cooling Using Thermoelectric Cooler

O. J. Kim, G.H. Lee

Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials,Daejeon, Korea

Thermoelectric generator on CeB6

V.H.Vardanyan, S.R. Harutyunyan, V.R. Nikoghosyan, A.S. Kuzanyan, K.S. Wood, A.M. Gulian

Institute for Physical Research NAS, Ashtarak, Armenia

High-effective blackening coatings for film thermoelectric radiation detectors

N.F. Bondarchuk, IEEIT ASM, Chisinau, Moldova


Thermoelectric and magnetothermoelectric properties in single individual Bi-nanowires

A.A. Nikolaeva3, D.V. Gitsu, L.A. Konopko, T. Huber, G. Para

IEEIT ASM, Chisinau, Moldova


Thermoelectric efficiency of Bi1-xSbx microwires under pressure and magnetic field

I.A. Popov, P.P. Bodiul, E.F. Moloshnik, S. Vyeru

IEEIT ASM, Chisinau, Moldova


Thermoelectric properties of Bi wires strongly doped with acceptor impurity

P.P. Bodiul, L.A. Konopko, A.A. Nikolaeva, A.C. Tzurkan

IEEIT ASM, Chisinau, Moldova


Some consideration about the impact of lead-free legislation on the electronic industry

N.S. Popovich, IEEIT ASM, Chisinau, Moldova


On the Possibility of Developing of Anisotropic Thermoelectric Material

Based on MnSi1.7/Si/Ni/Sn-Multilayers

T.S.Kamilov, D.K.Kabilov, M.E.Azimov, Tito E. Huber
Tashkent State Aviation Institute, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The 3-omega method for thermal conductivity measurements of thermoelectric materials

K.T.Wojciechowski, R. Zyba?a, E. Godlewska, R. Mania, K. Mars

AGHUniversity of Mining and Metallurgy,Krakow, Poland

Study of recovery of waste heat from the exhaust of automotive engine

J. Merkisz, P. Fu?, R. Mania, K. Wojciechowski

PoznanUniversity of Technology, Poznan, Poland

Structural and transport properties of AgSbSe2 – AgSbTe2solid solutions

M. Schmidt, K. Wojciechowski
AGHUniversity of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland

Application of the thermoelectric piles for environmental and medical devices and equipment

L. Tsykalo, Yu.D. Kotyukov
OdessaStateAcademy of Refrigeration, Odessa, Ukraine

Morphological and Anisotropic Features of the needle-like K2Bi8Se13-type Pressed Pellets

A.Tsiappos, Th. Kyratsi, E. Hatzikraniotis, K.M. Paraskevopoulos, M.G.Kanatzidis

University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus


Thermoelectric promise of some In-based (Co4Sb12) skutterudites

C. Godart, A.P. Gonçalves, E.Lopes, E. Alleno

ICMPE , CNRS UMR7182, CMTR, Thiais, France

Comparison of thermal oxidation behaviour of CoSb3 and CoP3

J. Leszczynski, A. Malecki, K.T. Vojciechowski

AGHUniversity of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

Thermoelectric Properties Of Tl-Doped PbTe Microwires

V.G. Kantser, E. A. Zasavitsky, I.Zama
IEEIT ASM, hisinau, Moldova                                                       

Transport properties of partially filled YbxCo4Ge6Te6-based skutterudites

J. Navrátil, T. Plechá?ek, L. Beneš, M. Vl?ek, F. Laufek

Joint Laboratory of SolidState Chemistry of IMC AS CR and University of Pardubice, Pardubice, Czech Republic


The Suppression of the Intrinsic Conductivity in ?-Bi0,5Sb1,5Te3 by Plastic Deformation

B.M.Goltsman, V.A.Kutasov, L.N.Lukjanova
Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute RAS, St.-Petersburg, Russia

Thermoelectric Properties of Bi2Te3 – Sb2Te3 Layers Obtained by Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering

K. Mars, R. Mania, E. Godlewska, K. Wojciechowski,G. Karpinski, P. Ziolkowski, C. Stiewe,

E. Müller
AGHUniversity of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland

Compounds withTh3P4 Structure Type and Thermoelectric Properties

A. Chamoire, F. Gascoin, D. Ravot, J.C. Tedenac

Université Montpellier II , Montpellier, FRANCE


Microscale Silicon Thermoelectric Generator with Low Impedance for Energy Harvesting

R.G. Egbert, M.R. Harvey, B.P. Otis

University of Washington, Seattle, WA98195, USA

Simulating Thermoelectric Effects with Finite Element Analysis using COMSOL-Multiphysics

M. Jaegle, Fraunhofer-IPM, Freiburg, GERMANY

Thermoelectric Properties of Carbon Nanotube/Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites

C.-C. Yang, M.-S, Jeng, W.-Y. Chiu, W.-C. Chen, H.-J. Huang

ITRI, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Effect of the Ni Susbtitution on CoSb3 Partially Filled with In and Yb

V. Da Ros, V. Kosalathip, C. Candolfi, A. Dauscher, B. Lenoir, C. Stiewe, E. Müller, J. Hejtmanek

Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Nancy, Nancy, FRANCE

New Thermoelectric Generator, Battery

A. Ivanov, Yu. Lebedev, B. A. Birukov

Rif Corporation, Voronezh, Russia


Theoretical Estimation of Characteristics of Thermoelectric Materials Made of Nanopowders

A.I. Holopkin and V.N. Abrutin

ADV-Engineering Co. Ltd., Moscow, Russia


Optimal Pellet Geometry for Thermoelectric Power Generation

Marc Hodes

Bell Labs Ireland, Ireland


Fabrication of Thermoelectric Bi2Te3 Microwires by Softening Glass Drag Spinning Method and its Characterization

V. G. Kantser, D. F. Meglei, M.Dantu, IEE IT ASM, Chisinau, Moldova

Electric Field Effect On Thermoelectric Transport Properties Of Graphene

I.M. Bejenari, G. Kantser, E.Curmei

IEEIT ASM, Chisinau, Moldova

Pulse Operation Thermoelectric Generator

Marin Nedelcu, Marian Apostol, John Stockholm

Marvel Thermoelectrics, Vernouillet, France

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