Odessa is a large port at the Black Sea and an important Ukrainian center of industry, science and culture. The city impresses by the beauty of its streets, boulevards and squares, and attracts by the originality of its architecture.

By the beginning of the XX century Odessa became the third city of the Russian Empire (next to Moscow and St.-Petersburg) in population and the second one on its architecture (after St.-Petersburg). Today Odessa is the city with one million populations. Representative of more than a hundred nationalities are living here.Odessa Opera House

This is the center of science, education, spiritual and cultural life of Ukraine. There are about 20 higher education institutions, more than 100 museums and galleries, Cinema Studio, Musical Academy, the world famous Opera House (photo at right).

Black See “pearl”, “South Palmyra” – these are the names which are given to the city by its devoted citizens and admiring travelers which attended Odessa.

Sunny, bright, Odessa attracts your attention by peculiar coloring of life, tender sea, its light streets, fresh leafage of its parks, outstanding monuments created by famous architects.



During September it is usually warm in Odessa with the temperature between 18 and 25°C. But some time a short period of rain with temperature dropping down to 15°C is possible.



Please use City Map at http://www.odessaonline.com.ua/eng to find venue location.


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