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Invited Lectures


Activities and Future Vision of Komatsu Thermo modules

Hirokuni Hachiuma, Katsushi Fukuda.. 01.pdf

ZT~ 3.5:  Fifteen Years of Progress and Things to Come

C. B. Vining.. 02.pdf

Economic Thermoelectric Recovery of Low Temperature Heat

D.M. Rowe.. 03.pdf

Current Status and Some Prospects of Thermoelectricity

L.I. Anatychuk.. 04.pdf

Role and Prospects of Application of RTG on Base of Plutonium-238 for Planetary Exploration

A.A. Pustovalov.. 05.pdf

Quantum Size Effects and Thermoelectric Transport in IV-VI – Based 2D-Structures

E.I. Rogacheva, and M.S. Dresselhaus.. 06.pdf

Band Structure Parameters Influence on the Thermoelectric Figure of Merit

M.I. Fedorov.. 07.pdf

Low Dimensional Organic Compounds as Promising Thermoelectric Materials

A. Casian, V. Dusciac, R. Dusciac.. 08.pdf

Thermoelectric Generators on Living Beings

V. Leonov, R. J. M. Vullers.. 09.pdf

Thermoelectrics Applications Review

John W. Fairbanks.. 10.pdf

Thermal, electrical and thermoelectric transport in nanostructured ErAs:InAlAs materials

A. Shakouri, Z. Bian, R. Singh, M. Zebarjadi, Y. Zhang, D. Vashaee, J.M. Zide, G. Zeng, J-H. Bahk, H. Lu, D.O. Klenov, J. LeBeau, S. Stemmer, A.C. Gossard, J.E. Bowers, W. Kim, S. Singer, A. Majumdar, P.M. Mayer, R.J. Ram, V. Rawat, T.D. Sands, K.J. Russel, V. Narayanamurti.. 11.pdf

Oral Contributions


Investigation of Bi-Te Films with Controlled Nanostructure

M. Bailini, F. Donati, M. Zamboni, V. Russo, M. Passoni, C.S. Casari, A. Li Bassi, C.E. Bottani.. 12.pdf

Electronic Properties of 2D Alkali Cobalt Oxides

J.P. Doumerc, M. Blangero, M. Pollet, D. Carlier, M. Ménétrier, J. Darriet, C. Delmas.. 13.pdf

Thermoelectric Coefficients for Electron Tunneling through a Nanocrystal

X. Zianni.. 14.pdf

Hot Extruded (Bi,Sb)2(Te,Se)3 Alloys for Advanced Thermoelectric Modules

D.Vasilevskiy, N. Kukhar, S. Turenne, R. A. Masut.. 15.pdf

Chemistry of Materials a Tool for Skutterudite Based Materials Tailoring. Application to Cobalt Based System

P. Amornpitosuk, D. Ravot, F. Gascoin, J.C. Tedenac.. 16.pdf

Rapid Homogenization of Bi0.85 Sb0.15 Alloy by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion

S. Ceresara, G. Giunchi, P. Bassani, T. Cavallin, C. Fanciulli.. 17.pdf

Small-Size BiTe Thermopiles and a Thermoelectric Generator for Wearable Sensor Nodes

V. Leonov, T. Torfs, N. V. Kukhar, C. Van Hoof, R. J. M. Vullers.. 18.pdf

Novel Maximum Power Point Tracking Control System for Thermoelectric Generator
and Evaluation of Mismatch Power Loss Reduction

H. Nagayoshi, K. Tokumisu, T. Kajikawa.. 19.pdf

Development of a thermoelectric ice maker of fingers incorporated into a static domestic refrigerator

J.G. Vián, D. Astrain, A. Rodríguez.. 20.pdf

Diffusion Protection of Thermoelectric Cooler Junctions as a Means of Increasing its Reliability

V. Semenyuk, A. Antonenko.. 21.pdf

Thermoelectric Cooling With Constrained Heat Removal

V. Semenyuk, R. Dehtyaruk.. 22.pdf

From Experience of Development of Thermoelectric Conditioners for Driver’s Cabins of Rail Transport

V.V. Semenov, G.V. Seropyan, E.V. Khanin.. 23.pdf

Theoretical Study of the Harman- Method for Evaluating the Thermoelectric Performance of Materials and Components at High Temperature

A. Jacquot, M. Jägle, J. König, D.G. Ebling, H. Böttner.. 24.pdf

Melt spinning preparation of Bismuth Telluride and partially alloying with IV-VI compounds for thermoelectric application

H. Böttner, D.G. Ebling, A. Jacquot, Uta Kühn, J. Schmidt.. 25.pdf

Crystal Structure and Transport Properties in the Ba8ZnxGe46-x-y[ ]y Clathrates

E. Alleno, G. Maillet, O. Rouleau, E. Leroy, C. Godart.. 26.pdf

From Ca1-xSmxMnO3 Synthesis to the Design and Characterization of Thermoelectric Module

Sébastien Lemonnier, Christophe Goupil, Emmanuel Guilmeau, Marlène Prevel, Jacques Noudem.. 27.pdf

Structural and Thermoelectric Properties of AgSbSe2 and AgSbTe2

K. Wojciechowski, J. Tobola, M. Schmidt, R. Zybala.. 28.pdf

Thermoelectric Integrated Numerical Modeling Process of a Temperature and Humidity Control Device Apply to Vehicles for Fogging Preventing

Antonio López - Francisco Villasevil - G. Noriega, D. Platzek.. 29.pdf

Power and Efficiency Calculation in Commercial TEG and Application in Wasted Heat Recovery in Automobile

K.T. Zorbas, E. Hatzikraniotis, K.M. Paraskevopoulos.. 30.pdf

Thermal Matching of a Thermoelectric Energy Scavenger with the Ambience

V. Leonov, P. Fiorini.. 31.pdf

Numerical Modelization by Finite Differences of a Thermoelectric Refrigeration Device of “Double Jump". Experimental Validation

A. Rodríguez, J.G. Vián, D. Astrain.. 32.pdf

Poster Contributions


Physical-Chemical Characterization of the Processes Occurring in Extrusion and Their Effect on Phase Diagram and Thermoelectric Properties of the Materials in Bi2Te3Bi2Se3and Sb2Te3Bi2Te3Systems

O.B.Sokolov, S. Ya. Skipidarov, N.I.Duvankov, G.G.Shabunina.. 33.pdf

Thermoelectric Properties of Layered Anisotropic p-type PbSb2Te4 Compound and Peculiarities of its Energy Spectrum

L.E. Shelimova, M.K. Zhitinskaya, S.A. Nemov, T.E. Svechnikova, P.P. Konstantinov,
Avilov, M.A. Kretova, V.S. Zemskov.. 34.pdf

The Multistage Thermoelectric Devices with Inhomogeneous Legs

M.A. Korzhuev, L.D.Ivanova,  L.I. Petrova, Yu.V.Granatkina, T.E. Svechnikova.. 35.pdf

The Bismuth and Antimony Chalcogenides Solid Solutions Single Crystals with Gradient Carrier Concentration

L.D.Ivanova, L.I.Petrova, Yu.V.Granatkina.. 36.pdf

The Nernst-Ettingshausen, Seebeck and Hall Effects in (Sb1-XBiX)2Te3 Single Crystals

M. K. Zhitinskaya, S. A. Nemov, Yu.G.Ispolov, T. E. Svechnikova.. 37.pdf

Fabrication of p-n junctions from conventional nano-sized thermoelectric materials

V. Kosalathip, S. Migot, B. Lenoir, A. Dauscher.. 38.pdf

Curl Currents Occurrence in Homogeneous Isotropic Thermoelectric Elements

V.N. Abrutin, I.A.Drabkin, L.B.Ershova.. 39.pdf

Thermoelectric Properties of Quaternary (Sb0.75Bi0.25)2-xInxTe3 Single Crystals

M. Zabcik, C. Drasar, L. Benes, P. Lostak, H. Kong, C. Uher.. 40.pdf

Microthermocouple  Based  on Thermoelectric Microwires

D. Meglei, M. Dantu, A. Rusu.. 41.pdf

Solid Solutions Based on Bismuth and Antimony Chalcogenides above Room Temperature

L.N. Lukyanova, V.A. Kutasov, P.P. Konstantinov.. 42.pdf

Investigation of Properties of n-type Mg2Si-Mg2Sn solid solutions prepared by hot pressing

A.U.Samunin, V.K.Zaitsev, M.I.Fedorov, P.P.Konstantinov.. 43.pdf

Thermoelectric Properties of PbTe/Bi Heterostructures

E.I. Rogacheva, S.G. Lyubchenko, A.V. Meriuts, P.A. Yanenko, Yu.V. Men’shov, M.S. Dresselhaus.. 44.pdf

Concept of the Effective Mass and Minimal Thermal Conductivity of Superlattices

A. Jacquot.. 45.pdf

Some Considerations Towards Design and Optimization of Segmented Thermoelectric Generators

M. Lazard, E. Rapp, H. Scherrer.. 46.pdf

The 3-omega Method for Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Thermoelectric Materials

K.T.Wojciechowski, R. Zyba?a, E. Godlewska, R. Mania, K. Mars.. 47.pdf

Study of Recovery of Waste Heat From the Exhaust of Automotive Engine

K. Wojciechowski, J. Merkisz, P. Fu?, P. Lijewski, M.Schmidt.. 48.pdf

Morphological and Anisotropic Features of the Needle-like K2Bi8Se13-type Pressed Pellets

A.Tsiappos, Th. Kyratsi, E. Hatzikraniotis, K.M. Paraskevopoulos, M.G.Kanatzidis.. 49.pdf

Comparison of thermal oxidation behaviour of CoSb3 and CoP3

J. Leszczynski, A. Malecki, K.T. Wojciechowski.. 50.pdf

Thermoelectric Properties of Tl-Doped PbTe Microwires

V.G. Kantser, E. A. Zasavitsky, I.Zama.. 51.pdf

Transport Properties of Partially Filled YbxCo4Ge6Te6-Based Skutterudites

J. Navrátil, T. Plechá?ek, Beneš L., Vl?ek M., Laufek F.. 52.pdf

The Suppression of Intrinsic Conductivity in p-Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 by the Plastic Deformation

B.M.Goltsman, V.A.Kutasov, L.N.Lukjanova.. 53.pdf

Thermoelectric Properties of Bi2Te3 – Sb2Te3 Layers Obtained by Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering

K. Mars, R. Mania, E. Godlewska, K. Wojciechowski,
G. Karpinski, P. Ziolkowski, C. Stiewe, E. Müller.. 54.pdf

Microscale Silicon Thermoelectric Generator with Low Impedance for Energy Harvesting

R.G. Egbert, M.R. Harvey, B.P. Otis.. 55.pdf

Simulating Thermoelectric Effects with Finite Element Analysis using COMSOL

M. Jaegle.. .. 56.pdf

Effect of the Ni substitution on CoSb3 partially filled with In and Yb

V. Da Ros, P. Masschelein, C. Candolfi, J. Leszczynski, V. Kosalathip, A. Dauscher,
B. Lenoir, C. Stiewe E. Müller..

Theoretical Estimation of Characteristics of Thermoelectric Materials Made of Nanopowders

A.I. Holopkin, V.N. Abrutin, V.A. Romanko, P.V. Miroevskiy, I.A. Zotov.. 58.pdf

Fabrication of Thermoelectric Bi2Te3  Microwires by softening glass drag spinning method  and its Characterization

V. G. Kantser, D. F. Meglei, M.Dantu.. 59.pdf

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