Manuscript Submission

The conference proceedings will include the invited presentations, the oral and the poster contributions. For each presentation, a manuscript should be prepared as a camera-ready hard copy using the attached template. Correctly formatted manuscripts should not exceed 6 pages for invited contributions and 4 pages for oral or poster contributions.

Authors are requested to submit an electronic version of their contribution by email to ect2007 [at] ets-thermion [dot] org.

The manuscript can be submitted in one of the following file formats:

  • Word Documents (name.doc)
  • Rich Text Format Documents (name.rtf).

Papers are due on the first day of the conference (September 9, 2007) at time of registration and early submission is strongly encouraged.  You should provide:

  • 1 original
  • 3 additional hard copies
  • 1 electronic copy (*.doc or *.rtf) on diskette 

No late paper submissions can be accepted.

Only papers presented at the conference will be published in the proceedings. At least one of the authors must be registered.

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